Outdoor Training is a set of games and methodologyes of experiential education that create a parallelism between what is happening in the activity and the participant´s real life.

Our activities are caracterized with a high educational content,  basing the learning through the experience in a relaxed climate, where activities are carried out that combine the competitiveness, the teamwork, the leadership and communication among other aspects to be worked.


  • Perceive the need and the advantages of teamwork.
  • Show effective communication tools for action coordination.
  • Develop self-confidence and in the team.
  • Increase your motivation, improving your attitude in the workplace.
  • Improve the organization of activities when working as a team.
  • See new possibilities for coordination in changing environments.
  • Clarify objectives and prioritize.
  • Develop a new vision of commitment that gives them more possibilities of action in the achievement of results.
  • Develop a trusted environment where information is shared and where people are valued.

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