Lead your teams purposefully

When you read about, or are witness to, great leadership it can inspire confidence to emulate and learn from them.

It is essential that you are true to yourself and draw upon your strengths and capabilities to be the best leaders you can be.

Soulful Leadership may sound like a “soft” option – it isn’t. By understanding the concept of archetypes and exploring the value they bring, you will be able to determine the type of leader you have the potential to be.

Managers and Leaders at all levels in your organisation will benefit from discovery and selfassessment of the 4 archetypes of Soulful Leadership – The Lover/Poet, The Monarch, The Warrior and The Magician. They will learn the points of view of each archetype, what drives and limits them, and how to awaken each inside themselves through innovative exercises and practice.

With Mindful techniques and principles you can access each of the 4 leadership centres, the 4 intelligences and 4 archetypes to build you very own Leadership development programme – that you can access as and when you need it.


  • Self-assess and examine your current strengths and space for improvement in three areas
  • Gain insight into the 4 leader archetypes utilising their strengths when appropriate
  • Access, cultivate and balance energy sources to purposefully lead people and the organisation in the journey towards success
  • Practice mindful techniques to focus your energy to lead with the courage of your convictions

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