Lead multigenerational teams with confidence

Leadership can be complicated enough for most; those that succeed at it use a broad based set of skills that set the direction for their business, inspire others and take courageous decisions.

Above all they are able to articulate their intentions with resolve and purpose across all the generations.

The aim of this programme is to help you add generational awareness to your set of leadership skills.

By developing generational awareness, Leaders are able to identify the ways in which work may need to change in response to the needs, approaches and styles of the different generations Leaders who recognise the motivation of different generations are better able improve their performance and contribution to the business.

Think of generational awareness as another way to better understand your people. Many will have assessed themselves using Myers Briggs, What’s Your Color, DISC or other personality profiles. Generational awareness is another valuable skill in your overall leadership repertoire


  • Lead the generations to increase teamwork, innovation and collaboration
  • Facilitate meetings that factor in the different generational attitudes
  • Coach your multi-generational teams to higher performance
  • Decrease stress as a leader by better understanding the ways to manage the different attitudes of the Generations X, Y & Zoomers

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